About Padel

Scoring system and rules:

Similar to Tennis scoring system: First point won “15”, Second point won “30”, Third Point won “40” and Fourth point won “Game”, if each team won three points the sore will be “40 – 40“ it will be called “deuce”. The following point won by any team will be called “advantage” and if the same team scores two consecutive points they win a game.

The rules of Padel are almost the same as tennis, with the difference being that in Padel when you serve, the ball should bounce on the ground and after the bounce the player hits the ball at or below waist level travelling diagonally into the opponent’s side, the first bounce should fall in the opponents side and should not hit the wire fence otherwise it counts as a “fault” and the player can take a second chance to serve the same rule applies when the serve hits the net.